Pola Soal Ulangan Bahasa Inggris Smk Review 1 Dan Jawaban

Kalau akhir-tamat semester pasti mulai sibuk akan menghadapi ulangan semester makanya butuh banyak pola soal untuk review bahan-materi yang sebelumnya sudah dipelajari. Tanpa adanya latihan yang optimal dengan mendalami pelajaran yang sudah di mampu dan juga melalui banyak sekali uji coba ulangan maka hasil jawabannya pastinya tidak akan memuaskan. 
Sebenarnya jika kita menerapkan metode berguru yang rutin dan terarah kita tidak perlu takut saat akan mengadapi cobaan apapun baik itu ulangan harian, mid semester atau bahkan cobaan akhir sekalipun.

Tetapi kebanyakan dari kita kini ini mempunyai kebiasaan berguru yang kurang sehat dimana kita mencar ilmu ulet cuma pada ketika-dikala tertentu saja. 

Contoh-pola soal ulangan mirip yang akan kita bahas kali ini sesungguhnya tidak akan berfungsi maksimal tanpa adanya perlindungan cara belajar yang manis.

Sebaliknya jika kita memiliki cara belajar yang terarah dan melengkapinya dengan banyak sekali latihan review seperti ini maka hasil risikonya pasti akan lebih optimal lagi. 

A. Soal PG Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMK 

Berikut silahkan dipelajari soal PG (opsi ganda) bahasa Ingris sekolah menengah kejuruan. Soal ini diambil untuk antisipasi bagi rekan pelajar kelas XII Sekolah Menengah kejuruan yang mulai merencanakan diri untuk mengikuti ulangan. Soalnya dimulai dari soal nomor 30 sampai dengan nomor 50, berikut soal selengkapnya.
Questions 36-40 are based on Texts 3 and 4.
Text 3
From : Irene Sukandar [[email protected]]
To : Kirtya Hotel [[email protected]]
Subject : Room Reservation

I need a single room with a queen-sized bed for four nights, from April 14 until April 17. Do you have a room available then? I will be attending a conference at the Convention Center and I understand that your hotel is just two blocks from there. Please confirm this for me as I don’t want to have to walk far or deal with cabs. Also, do you have a pool and a weight room? Is there a restaurant located in or near the hotel?
Thank you for your help.
Text 4
From : Kirtya Hotel [ [email protected]]
To : Irene Sukandar [[email protected]]
Subject: Re: Reservation for a Bussines Trip
We do have the type of room that you want. It costs Rp 1,100,000 per night. However, for the first night of your stay only, I will have to give you a king-sized bed as there are no queens available that night. It costs an extra Rp 250,000. I hope this will suit you. Starting on April 15, you can have the type you requested. I can confirm that we are located very close to the Convention Center, just one block further than you thought. It is a very pleasant walk through a park to the center, and I’m sure you will enjoy it. We do have a pool, but unfortunately it is currently closed for repairs. There is a full-service restaurant, poppies, located in the hotel. Hotel guests are entitled to a free breakfast there. Lunch and dinner are also served and can be charged to your room for your convenience. If you would like to go ahead with your reservation, please send me your credit card information as soon as possible.
36. When does Irene Sukandar want to begin her stay at Kitya Hotel?
a. April 14 
b. April 15 
c. April 16
d. April 17
37. What kind of room does she request?
a. A room for one person.
b. A room with two queen-sized bed.
c. A room near the pool.
d. A room with a view of the park.
38. If Irene Sukandar makes the reservation suggested in the hotel e-mail, how much will she pay?
a. Rp 1,100,000 
b. Rp 1,350,000 
c. Rp 4,650,000
d. Rp 5,000,000
39. How far is the hotel from the Conversation Center?
a. One block 
b. Two blocks 
c. Three blocks 
d. Four blocks
40. What is included in the price of the hotel room?
a. Breakfast
b. Room Service
c. Use of the pool
d. Use of the weight room
41. I prefer working at the office working at the factory.
a. than 
b. to than 
c. better than 
d. rather than
42. A : Will you go to the office with me?
B : …
a. I would rather stay here than go
b. I would rather stay here than going
c. I would rather stay here from go
d. I would rather stay here to go
43. Which of the sentence indicates preference?
a. Deni doesn’t like to apply for the job as a salesman.
b. Rendi prefers become a programmer rather than an operator.
c. I like to stay all night to work.
d. My manager asks me to write a reference letter.
44. All his friends believe that he can do his job very well. It means he do his job well.
a. may 
b. could 
c. will 
d. is able to
45. “I could have asked somebody else to finish this report,” means …
a. I finished the report
b. Somebody else finished the report
c. I asked somebody to finish the report
d. I don’t want to finish the report
46. The human resource manager made the applicant two hours.
a. wait 
b. waits 
c. waited 
d. waiting
47. Mr. Gusman can’t have the package until Saturday.
a. deliver 
b. will deliver 
c. delivering 
d. delivered
48. I’ll have my assistant for an appointment.
a. call 
b. calling 
c. called 
d. will call
49. If Mrs. Sudarmo this report before 2.00, her secretary will type it.
a. will finish 
b. finished 
c. has finished 
d. finishes
Read the text and choose the word that best completes each sentence.
Class registration begins July 11. and classes begin July 18. If you 50 for a class after
July 17 you will have to pay a Rp 250,000 late registration fee. You will have to have a signed permission letter from the course instructor if you sign up for an advanced level class.
If a class 51 due to low enrollment…… the university will contact you. We recommend that you provide your phone number and e-mail address on your course selections is no longer available. We cannot 52 you if we don’t have this information. Our staff is not responsible for searching for you in a directory
50. a. register
b. to register
c. will register
d. is going to register
51. a. cancels
b. is canceled
c. will cancel
d. be canceled
52. a. contact
b. enroll
c. instruct
d. recommend
Re : Where to hold the meeting
We need to find a place for our meeting Wednesday. If the conference room 53 available, we could have it there. Unfortunately Dani reserved it for a small workshop. If I were running a workshop with only five people I would switch it to the lounge. However, I already talked to Dani and he doesn’t want to relocate. He says the conference room is more suitable for his role-playing activities.
Dina Safira’s office is very big. If I 54 friendlier with her, I would ask to use it. You know her, don’t you? Why don’t you ask her? If I 55 I would offer her a free lunch or something for doing it.
53. a. is
b. was
c. were
d. will be
54. a. am
b. was
c. had been
d. were
55. a. were here
b. was you
c. were you
d. were me

B. Kunci Jawaban Soal PG Ulangan Bahasa Inggris SMK 

Cek hasil latihan yang sudah dilaksanakan dengan memakai kunci jawaban yang mau disiapkan di bawah ini. Berikut yakni tanggapan dari soal-soal bahasa Inggris yang telah rekan lakukan di atas. Silahkan dicek.
1. d
2. b
3. d
4. c
5. b
6. d
7. b
8. c
9. a
10. a
11. c
12. d
13. d
14. d
15. b
16. b
17. b
18. b
19. c
20. b
21. c
22. c
23. c
24. c
25. d
26. c
27. d
28. c
29. d
30. c
41. d
42. b
43. b
44. d
45. c
46. a
47. d
48. a
49. d
50. a
51. b
52. a
53. b
54. d
55. c
Demikianlah tadi suatu pola latihan ulangan yang bisa dipakai untuk memperdalam materi bahasa Inggris yang telah diajarkan di sekolah. Semoga dengan latihan materi tersebut mampu mengembangkan hasil mencar ilmu kita semua.

soal-soal lain silahkan lihat dipencarian atau pilih soal sesuai keperluan rekan semua melalui klasifikasi soal di bab atas. Terima kasih sudah berkunjung, salam sukses belajar! 
Communication builder 3: english for Vocational School for Intermediate. Level (grade XII) Vocational School (SMK/MAK)/Eri Kurniawan, Arief Kurniawan; Jakarta: Pusat Perbukuan, Departemen Pendidikan Nasional, 2008.